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Vintage RV's

Why not buy an unusual, vintage RV motorhome. We regularly stock older, smaller, mainly American Vehicles, with standout character.


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These are enthusiast campers for special, enthusiastic people. All can be driven on a C1 car licence (up to 7500 KG). Owning one of these campers can be great fun, often they form as extension of other hobbies and interests, such as Classic and American car enthusiasts. Ideal for festivals and events, and weekends away! Most of these motorhomes are not too big for the UK roads, so they can be practical as well. These quirky campers can also be considered an investment these days, similar to classic and sports cars, with the very best models and examples already very collectable.

In today’s world, many people have the desire for retro / escapism, with thoughts firmly set in the past, going back to times when life was simpler. We would like to think that owning one of our vehicles would help enthusiast’s achieve their retro dreams.



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